About Us


We make and combine environments with video, animation and performance. We also perform and record music.
We’ve made work for clients ranging from television companies to experimental theatre groups, as Directors, Animators, Writers and Performers for TV shows, architectural visualisations, community and educational films, and as Production Designers for theatre, film and multimedia projects.

Exhibitors:  London Puppet Centre, Museum of the Moving Image, V&A RIBA Gallery, DUCKiE, the Schwules Museum, Berlin and private collections.

Clients include BBC, ITV, Ch4, TF1, GMTV, Ash Sakula Architects, Pariscope, Lipservice Theatre, The Africa Centre, Hodder Headline, Aardman Animations.

We collaborate with historical archives, and devise festival/event workshops. We studied at Kings College London and Bristol University and are occasional Guest Tutors for the Postgraduate Directors course at London University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. We are based both in London and Berlin.

We like mixing up serious themes with the entertaining theatricality of historical tableaux, carnival sideshows and shop window displays.

Artist duo Wrench & Franks present themselves in refreshingly ironic context.. contributing a world of self-portraiture in their video installation… as two statues from an ancient temple on a tram ride through Berlin. Clearly, self-referential art does not have to be boring.” Frank Hermann – DU & ICH magazine

“Horror for Wimps – Lipservice..  film and television inserts. These are stunningly good, thanks not only to their playing.. but to the spot-on pastiche filming by Wrench and Franks.” Victor Hallett – THE STAGE

 ”Rex the Runt.” is hilarious and as consistently brilliant as The Simpsons.. pitiless parodies of the sentimentality common in animation and British television series, here juxtaposed with a cracked family dynamic. The outcome is savage and sparkling.” Elvis Mitchell – THE NEW YORK TIMES